What is the best way to see Yellowstone National Park?

Frequently asked questions about Tours to Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park:


Are Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks open?

YES, both Parks are open through All gates and we are operating Tours daily.

How will Covid-19 affect Tours?

We will be following the guidelines from the CDC, the State of Wyoming and Teton County Health officials for Covid-19 mitigation.  This will include regular cleansing and sanitation of vehicles, wearing masks, social distancing on boardwalks and in facilities and using sanitizer.  Though the Park's Facilities and staffing are limited at the moment, Our Tours are All-inclusive and self-contained so we will have all the food and drinks we need.  One of our competent, experienced guides will easily navigate the Park/s and provide an incredible experience for you!


Where is Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone is in the northwest corner of the state of Wyoming with its western boundary lying in Idaho and its northern boundary in Montana.

What is the best way to see Yellowstone National Park?

The best way to see Yellowstone National Park is on a Tour with one of our local guides.  You will have an amazing experience in a comfortable vehicle, not having to watch the road or decide where to stop.  This will avoid marriage problems too :)  Our guides do this every day and will take you to the best sights in Yellowstone, search for wildlife so you can take amazing photos, teach you about the Park's history, its geothermal activity, wildlife details and create an experience that you'll remember forever!

Do we need a Guide for Yellowstone?

We highly recommend hiring a Tour Guide for Yellowstone for several reasons.  1. Driving yourself and trying to navigate and decide where to stop in the Park can be quite stressful and often results in some family tension :O.  2. Our experienced guides do this daily and know the best locations and sites to visit.  3. Having a navigator, an educator, a sounding board to do all the work, provide information and the Park's history, features and wildlife AND answer all your questions is priceless!

Do you offer Private Tours of Yellowstone or Grand Teton Park?

Yes, we offer Private Tours of Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton Park for groups of 2 to 18 people in one vehicle.  Tours will be tailored to your interests and can be adjusted throughout the Tour.

Do we get to see Old Faithful on the tour?

Absolutely, we visit the Old Faithful area on Yellowstone Lower Loop tours and watch it erupt!  One of the highlights of the tour!

Do the Park Tours include the Entry Fees?

Yes, our Tours include the Park Entry Fees.  Please let us know if you have any type of National Park Pass and we will deduct up to $20 per person (up to 4 people per pass).

What type of vehicle will we be in?

Depending on on the # of people on your Tour that day, you may be in an SUV like a Yukon Denali, one of our Hi-top 8-12 passenger vans or our 20-passenger mini bus.  All vehicles have AC, heat, individual captain chairs and large windows for fantastic viewing.

Are there restrooms on the vehicle?

No, but we make frequent restroom breaks throughout the day and our Guides know where the 4-star bathrooms are.

How many people are on the Tours?

Our public Yellowstone National Park Tours average 6-7 people with a range from 4-14 people.

Our public Grand Teton Tours average around 4 people with a range of 3-10 people.

What is the minimum age allowed on a Tour?

The minimum age on a "public" tour is 6 yrs old.  Private Tours are available for families/groups with kids 5 and under.

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