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Yellowstone National Park is now open - 2024

It's been a wonderful first week of our Yellowstone guiding season.

Yellowstone National Park's opening day for the 2024 season was last Friday, April 19th. April is right on the cusp of Spring in Yellowstone, and you never know what to expect out of the early season in Wyoming and Montana. Sometimes it still feels like mid-winter, with snow in the forecast and the bears still trying to sleep in.

Not this year. Spring is in full swing and folks on our tours were treated with beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures. It was perfect for walking around Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, down to Yellowstone Falls, and throughout the other stops we made on our tours. And the wildlife couldn't have agreed more - we saw just about everything this week.

Grand Prismatic Yellowstone Geyer Hot Springs
Grand Prismatic

We have been having a blast in traffic lately... sounds weird, right? Well, in Yellowstone National Park we deal with, what we call, Wyoming traffic jams. Where Buffalo come across the road with no regard for your time, making for a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time getting to see these burley animals up close and from the safety of a car.

Yellowstone Buffalo Bison National Park wildlife
Bison or Buffalo? What do you call them?

Antelope, moose, elk, muskrat, birds, hawks, marmots, foxes, coyotes - you name it! This week, our guides were successful in tracking down a lot of wildlife. But most excitingly, we got to see a lot of bears this week. At one point, our guide popped up to Phantom Lake hoping this seasonal hotspot would provide an opportunity for our guests to get a good view of some bears... to say they were successful would be an understatement! In one area, our guides saw four black bears and three grizzly bears! I don't think many folks can say they have seen 7 bears at once!

Grizzly Bear tracks
Grizzly Bear track

grizzly bear
grizzly bear

Aside from the incredible wildlife viewing, it's been a lot of fun to kick back and watch Old Faithful go off again. It just doesn't get old!

old faithful
Old Faithful

It won't be long until all that snow and ice is gone for the season!

Yellowstone River Falls
Yellowstone Falls

It has been so fun to be back at all these incredible places and amongst the wildlife. We have plenty of availability for the spring season. Our guides can help make the most out of your time in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Book a tour with us today!

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